Darla and The Blonde are an alt rock duo.


Darla sings about the people and ideas that inspire her. The Blonde... follows.


Sometimes they play with a band. 


Their first EP Eugenia came out in May 2016. Their next EP, Dorian, is due for release in 2017. DATB are managed by The Animal Farm. 


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"Gorgeous pop, savage indie songwriting, engrossing melodrama.” - Clash Music


"Darla & The Blonde‘s The Article is a dark, brooding cataclysm of tragedy. The powerful intentions here make this a truly engaging story and song from start to finish, and I’ve no doubt this must make for an exciting live performance too." - Fresh On The Net

“Sometimes a special band comes along, with a uniqueness about them that proves hard to ignore.” - Louder Than War

"Lovelace has an impeccable songwriting ability and the way Jen Damaris delivers each word is ruddy delicious." - We Close Tonight